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At CAHC we provide care to meet your female needs and concerns.  This includes wellness, birth control, pregnancy, post-menopausal visits.  We are also here to address any symptoms or concerns you have. From teenage years to post-menopause, our goal is for you to feel your best no matter what stage of life you are at. 

Gynecological Care:

We understand women are busy and usually put their needs after others. Our team will work with you to help keep you healthy and up to date with recommended visits and testing such as pap tests and mammograms.  We want you to feel your best and encourage you to schedule your annual visit to discuss any concerns you have.

Pregnancy (Obstetrical) Care:

We care about you and your baby! We are here for you prior to pregnancy through the birth of your baby and for care after delivery. Our providers will schedule routine prenatal visits with you throughout your pregnancy to assure you and your baby are healthy.  We will work together to provide a birth plan that meets your needs.